DEL_THIS is a 15 second video based on YouTube. It shows a figure in the bottom right hand corner and cropped video of a desktop in the top left. Both are separate from one another but do interact in the video. The figure looks head on towards the viewer, and looks around the edges of the screen. Although the figure does not talk, you can hear a person talk in the background. At the start of the video, the top left of the video is taken up by blank, white space, with a lone desktop recycling bin taking up a small amount of space-but dominating with it’s presence.

The video plays ,with the figure looking around, seemingly unaware of the other side of the video. A cursor enters the white box, dragging a file into the recycling bin. It then right clicks, revealing options to Open the Recycling bin, Empty the Recycling Bin, and others. It then clicks to empty, and when prompted if sure about emptying the recycle bin, presses OK. During this time, a voice says “after a long day at work, it’s nice to be among fr-”the voice is cut out when OK is pressed. And the figure in the bottom right vanishes without transition or warning. The video continues for 2 more seconds before ending, and the viewer is offered another video to watch from their suggested feed.

When watching the video I am interested with the amount of options the viewer has to change their experience with the piece. The viewer-on the YouTube platform, can decide to go Fullscreen, making the figure larger, take up more space on their computer. They can slow down or speed up the video using “playback speed”. I want the viewer to question whether altering options changes the emotions of the figure. Does the figure even possess emotions? Do they know of the existence of the viewer, or are they unknowing to the fate that will inevitably transpire for them? What happens if the viewer pauses the video? Does the figure stay complacent to the fact that they are not being deleted? What if you re-watch the video. Does the figure look at you at the start, hoping for some remorse in the actions you have committed. Does it want sympathy?