Morning Jog


Morning Jog is a 28 Minute long video featuring the virtual realm of Tamriel from the 2011 Bethesda Game The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. it features a human interacting with the world, taking the place of the in-game avatar and traversing the world. The Avatar seems mundane at first, walking through the forest of Tamriel, but this then gives way to Wolves and other entities hurting the Avatar, causing them to flee away. We do not understand what direction the avatar travels towards at first, but the avatar does seem to know where they want to go and is determined to reach it. Eventually, the avatar reaches a deserted shack full of bandits which attempt to kill it, making the avatar flee, only to run into more wolves. As the Avatar runs away, it is then clear what it is running towards. The avatar suddenly stops moving, frozen in space whilst still attempting to move forward, as it meets the invisible boundary of the world. The avatar is trapped inside of an inescapable prison, bound together by lines of code. It is then that the creatures get their final blow onto the Avatar, causing them to re-spawn, and discover their demise once more.