“SEVER\_CLOCK” is a 5 minute video, also based upon the ideas of time within virtual and non- virtual realms. This video takes place in multiple locations across The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. The viewer watches an entity brutally attack citizens of Tamriel with various weapons including swords, axes, and war hammers. There is no known method or reasoning to these attacks and seems almost unprovoked in some cases. The NPCs within the world try to defend themselves against the entity and fight back, but to no avail. Unlike in the base game of Skyrim, many essential NPCs and children meet their demise in this video, alluding to the higher power the entity wields. There is no music in this video, creating a harsher, less cinematic but more realistic view on death within the virtual world. All the viewer hears are the clanging of weapons against skin and the cries for help of several victims. This work provokes the viewer into thinking about the ideas of existence within a virtual realm. Why does it matter that the citizens are brutally murdered in a game if they cannot exist outside of this realm? The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim boasts an age rating of 15+ in the UK, but if the NPCs were non- virtual- “real”, the video would be illegal for it’s depictions of violence. Are the citizens in the video crying and begging for mercy false, because they exist within a virtual realm, or are they real because us- the viewers, can empathise and feel with them? Time in this video does not pass in the sequential, second to second way, because the video does not give the viewer any space to do so. Instead time is marked by each death, with quick edits between the two not allowing the viewer to have a chance to breath. The editing feels chaotic, similar to the goings on in the video.